Studio Fitted Cabinet

The Studio fitted cabinet is a small 1-temperature model, especially designed to be placed within a kitchen cabinet, under the work top. Its dimensions specifically meet those of kitchen furniture standards. Elegant and discrete in its black mat finish, the Studio cabinet can also be used as "stand alone". It will harmoniously fit into any interior.

Function : Storage
Capacity : 42 bottles
Dimension (HxWxD) : 640mm x 540mm x 557mm
Weight : 35kg
Shelves : Universal Storage and Sliding
Temperature Zone : 1 Temperature (12°C)
Door : Solid
Door Hinge In : Right (default)

Control Panel

Electronic digital temperature setting/display. Accurate to within 1 degree.

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Sliding Shelf
(Wine Servicing)

Storage Shelf
(Wine Aging)


Sliding and Storage Shelf
The Elegance shelf in solid beech wood can be used either as a sliding shelf for 13 bottles or as a storage shelf for up to 77 bottles stored layer upon layer to maximize the bottle capacity of the cabinet. It is a universal shelf, allowing bottles of different shapes and sizes to be stored together.

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For Under Worktop

To operate correctly, your cabinet should be located in a room with a temperature between 0oc (32oF) and 35oC (95oF). A setting between 6o and 9oC (43 and 48oF) is not recommended when the ambient temperature exceeds 25oC (77oF) When there has been a significant modification in set temperatures, it can take several hours for your wine cabinet to stabilize and display the desired temperature.

For In-Column Integration

Dimension of Studio: H640xW540xD557mm. Actual appliance measurements, specifications and ratings may vary slightly due to technical improvements and slight manufacturing differences. When dimensions are critical it is important that an effective check be made and the accompanying instructions and installation manual be read.


Ideal Temperature
at any moment
Solid Door
Visual Alarms
abnormally high or low temperature
Winter Function
UV Protection
Thermal Pump
Adjustable Shelf
LED Digital
Temperature Control
Lock System
  • 2 Adjustable Feet
  • Short D shaped handle
  • R134a Gas Compressor
  • Ideal for long term storage

A unique black, understated colour scheme

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