Why Transtherm

In the beginning, Transtherm specialized in the supply of refrigerated catering equipment used aboard railway carriages. Indeed, some of the world's most prestigious trains have been equipped by Transtherm.

The wealth of experience gained in this field was applied to the storage and maturation of wines in the 1980's, leading to the introduction of the first range of Transtherm temperature and humidity controlled wine storage cabinets.

Manufactured from quality materials and thoroughly inspected at all stages of production, our cabinets are designed to protect your wines against all external influences, while allowing them to mature under optimal conditions. Note that these cabinets have nothing in common with traditional refrigerators that generate an intense cold environment, which could dry out the corks and even worse, denature your vintage wines. Our cabinets respect all conditions necessary for the preservation and maturation of your wines.

Each need has its solution. Whether for long-term wine storage, storing wines at ready-to-serve temperatures or a mixture of both functions, Transtherm offer the wine connoisseur perfectly adapted solutions. The technical innovations, developed with great oenologists, will give the most demanding maximum comfort.

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Transtherm Wine Cabinets
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