Sliding Shelves

For an easier access to the bottle of your choice

Ideal for serving, you can easily glide out any self to access the bottles of your choice. Store up to 77 Traditional Bordeaux bottles. Shelves are holed to enable air circulation in a homogeneous way. This is a Transtherm™ exclusivity.

Storage Shelves

To maximize the storage capacity of the cabinet

Made with solid beech wood, 1 storage shelf can store any shape of bottle and up to 77 Traditional Bordeaux bottles layer upon layer. Removable, you can arrange your cabinet the way you want and couple them with sliding shelves for a future use. Storage Shelves are holed to enable air circulation in a homogeneous way.

Presentation Shelf

Showcase 6 bottles of your best wines

Is a new accessory offered for the Prestige range. The shelf can be installed easily with 2 support pins at the front and 2 pins at the back of wine cabinet. The back portion serves as storage shelf and the front half can be propped up with 2 metal support to showcase 6 bottles of your best wines.

1.Shelf reception

2.Remove the two steel rods

3.Insert the rods into the reclining section

4.Select the desired inclination by inserting the other end of the rods into one of the three holes
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